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Spartan Cookies ( 7 pack )

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- Apple pie- Caramelized apples, white chocolate chips, caramel chips with a light marshmallow center.

- M&Ms- Chocolate chips paired with Peanut M&Ms

- DR Pretzel- Chocolate Chips, sea salt caramel, and pretzel pieces. 

- Smores Galore- Graham crackers paired with Hershey chocolate chips stuffed with a marshmallow center. 

- Strawberry shortcake- White chocolate chips paired with strawberries stuffed with a homemade strawberry marshmallow center. 

- Twix- Milk chocolate chips, caramel chips mixed with Twix candy pieces. 

- Peanut butter jelly- Peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips stuffed with a raspberry jelly center. 

- Butterfingers- Chocolate chips paired with almonds and Butterfinger candy pieces.

- Cinnamon toast crunch- White chocolate chips, cinnamon toast crunch cere3al pieces stuffed with a homemade cinnamon marshmallow center. 

-  Apple pie- White chocolate chips, caramel chips, sauteed apples stuffed with a marshmallow center. 

- Black & White- Milke chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. 

- Snickers- Chocolate chip, caramel chips, peanuts mixed with snicker candy pieces. 

- Spartan cookie- Chocolate chips and walnut pieces. 

- Toasted Coconut- Chocolate chips paired with toasted coconut pieces. 

- Nutella- Chocolate chips, almonds stuffed with a Nutella center. 

- Ninja turtles- Chocolate chips paired with caramel chips and pecan pieces. 

- Cookie & Cream- Whit chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips mixed with oreo cookie pieces with a marshmallow center. 

- Cofee- Chocolate chips mixed with our expresso powder. 



All our cookies are crunchy out the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. We guarantee complete satisfaction with any flavor!!